Friday, May 16, 2008

Brooks Stevens Design and UW-Stout Design Students

There was wine, cheese and .... a four-wheeled folding vehicle?!? Yes, that's right. The renowned Brooks Stevens Design firm has recently started a new branch in Saint Paul and graciously offered its facilities to host an exhibition of senior industrial design work. Rich Walters, senior designer and UW-Stout alumni, arranged the event with Jennifer Astwood and Noah Norton (industrial design faculty) as a way to showcase senior level industrial design work and to announce the opening of the new Brooks Stevens design facility. The Stout Seniors showed a diverse range of products developed over the semester with the basic theme of addressing a social issue.

The event was attended by a wide range of design professionals from the area including: 3M, Target Corporation, Worrell Designs, Phillips Plastics, Hubbard Scientific, Integrated Design Solutions Skyline Exhibits, and Stearns flotation.

Drew Barrett: Design for Longevity
Jason Burbank: Lighting/Plant unit to lighten mood
Emily Dubay: Slow Design Dishware
R.J. Deutsch: Chair for Guitar Players
Andrew Karutbauer: Outdoor seating encouraging plant growth
Chris Kelton: War-Hammer Tank Delivery Craft
Aaron Kurth: Eco-Tennis Shoe (replaceable sole system)
Casey Nugent: Compressed Air Vehicle
Jesse Probst: Sifa Expanding Sofa
Tim Parmer: Washing Machine for Developing Nations
Eric Polk: Portable Ski Bag (ski locker)
Wade Simmons: Human Powered/Electric vehicle
Amanda Schneider: Humor in design: Beau Seau Mop Bucket
Jimmy Sommerville: Torque-It Ergonomic Wood Clamping System

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