Monday, February 16, 2009

IDSA: Student Org. Update

This semester has been very productive for our UW-Stout Chapter of IDSA. One of our main goals this semester was to get underclassmen to be more involved in our organization. To achieve this, we offered them the opportunity to come in to get advice on what classes or professors to take. Many of the younger students took advantage of this by attending our weekly meetings. Another opportunity we offered them was a chance to bring in some of their work so we could give them feedback. It’s great for students to be able to get feed back from peers, especially ones that have already been through the same classes that they are taking.

Some events that IDSA has organized this semester were a guest speaker and a portfolio review. The guest speaker that we brought in was Chris Barmore, a Stout alumnus and an industrial designer for Insight Product Design. He talked about industrial design in the real world and what makes a good portfolio. The other event that we planned was the Worrell portfolio review. Here, students were able to take their portfolios to Worrell Inc. (an industrial design firm in Minneapolis) to have their portfolios reviewed. Not only was this a great opportunity for students to have their portfolios to be assessed, but it was also a valuable lesson in networking within the professional world.

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